Ogopogo:  And the Mysterious Stranger
Ogopogo:  And the Mysterious Stranger
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Ogopogo: And the Mysterious Stranger

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About the Book:

Something Lurks on Okanagan Lake! 

After Ogopogo rescues three busloads of children from certain peril on Okanagan Lake, the residents want to say “thank-you” to their aquatic guardian. The charismatic young girl Sophie Twizzle looks to organize an event in celebration, and the community rallies in support. But will their shy hero respond to their invitation?

Unnoticed amidst the excitement, a mysterious stranger roams the lake. Is this just another summer tourist? Perhaps an enthusiast looking for proof of the Okanagan Lake Creature’s existence? Or does this stranger have more sinister intentions?

In a tale that weaves fiction and fantasy, join a modern take on medieval lore, complete with knights and dragons. Will the mysterious stranger capture a photo of Ogopogo and redeem his family honour? Or can Sophie ensure no harm comes to her hero? Will the elusive Okanagan Lake Creature swim free?

What are you waiting for? Join the adventure today!

Important Acknowledgement

The book Ogopogo: The Mysterious Stranger is based on the author Don Levers’ own encounter with the Okanagan Lake Creature. It is an imaginative interpretation that is not meant to take away from the story of the N’ha-a-itk as the true origins of the Ogopogo. A portion of the proceeds from this book go towards Kwu x̌ast, run by the Okanagan Nation Alliance. Kwu x̌ast is a prevention program that creates a space for children to safely express and explore their creativity through a variety of art forms and settings.

To learn more about the Kwu x̌ast program and the Okanagan Nation Alliance please visit them online at: https://www.syilx.org/

To learn more about the true origins of the Ogopogo, the Nx̌aʔx̌ʔitkʷ, and the importance of understanding the Syilx vision of the Okanagan Valley please read our article here: The Okanagan Lake Creature | Okanagan Publishing House

About the Creators: 

Author Don Levers:

Over 35 years have passed since Don wrote his original Ogopogo book. Since that time it has sold over 30,000 copies. He is excited to have worked with Angelina to bring this new book to life. Now, telling this new story to his granddaughter after all these years has made the long wait worthwhile. Don currently lives in Alberta but still thinks of the Okanagan as home. DonLeversBooks.com

Illustrator Angelina Danielle:

Angelina Danielle grew up in a small town in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. Angelina has always been passionate about storytelling through art and since she was a child even ventures into writing her own books. She spends most of her days pondering on new storylines, creating new worlds and transforming them into elaborate illustrations. Follow on Instagram @MySakuras