Coping With Stress Workbook

Coping With Stress Workbook

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Show Stress Who's Best!

Each year, millions of Americans face the crippling effects of stress on a daily basis. If this is you, or someone you know, then you are searching for simple, practical steps you can take to reduce the negative symptoms of stress! You will find just that in 
Coping with Stress! In this companion workbook, Jadon Ward lays out insightful questions and assessments that you can use to apply the concepts of Coping with Stress on your path to Stress Freedom!

In utilizing this book, you will learn:
  • What stress is, and the categories of stress demands!
  • How stress impacts the 9 areas of human functioning!
  • What your stress is, your “Personal Stress Profile!”
  • 18 simple solutions you can use to reduce the negative effects of stress in your life... Today!

Live life on your own terms. Get the best of stress!

Start Coping with Stress today!