UKRAINE FRUNDRAISER - Sharing Stories of Friendship

As the conflict in Ukraine has emerged over the past few weeks, it has left many Canadians feeling helpless. It can be easy to feel like, half a world away, there is not much that we can do. However, the team at Okanagan Publishing House believes in the power of community, and the impact that small actions by ordinary people can make - no matter where they are. They have created a local fundraising page, hoping to raise $2,000 to help the charity outfit Doctors Without Borders and their emergency work in Ukraine.

The goal is to create awareness - both for the war in Ukraine, but in particular for the humanitarian needs that are already present and that will continue to emerge no matter how the conflict in the region ends. Doctors Without Borders is a Nobel Prize-winning emergency humanitarian medical organization, that has helped tens of millions of people since its founding in 1971. Their medical teams act fast to save people’s lives in conflict zones, natural disasters and epidemics and go where they are needed most. Right now, they have a boots-on-the-ground operation in Ukraine.

To show their support, Okanagan Publishing House and author Michael Buffie will give a FREE copy of the book ELLIOT'S POND (with free local shipping) for the first 100 donations over $20. By donating at the following link donors can receive a tax-deductible receipt: They believe that our Okanagan family can help contribute right now and in real and tangible ways. In the month of March they are hoping to raise over $2,000 for this important and urgent cause.

The children's book was released this past summer and carries a message needed in our time right now. The story, which follows the frog Elliot and his friends Ned, Bernard, and Florence, explores themes of friendship and acceptance. Michael Buffy explains that “I originally wrote Elliot's Pond, I wanted the story to show how friendships of convenience are not always the ones that are the best. In the story, Elliot discovers that those he thought were closest with him were only friends on the surface. When he really needed them, they turned their back on him. It was the most unlikely friend, the one who seemed so different from himself, who turned out to be the most accepting, interesting and true friend. The parallel with Ukraine seems powerful. The Ukrainians thought that Russia was a true friend, but it turned out they were only a friend on the surface. Those who are turning out to be their true friends are the ones that seemed different in many ways but have motives of kindness and love.”

This conflict also hits close to home for Okanagan Publishing House founder Jadon Dick, who sees history repeating itself. "In 1924, my family had to flee the Zaporizhzhia Oblast in the Ukraine, the very area under fire right now. I have heard firsthand of the horrors they experienced during the Russian Revolution. The flags might have changed, but war is as brutal as ever. Those of us who have thrived in the safety Canada has provided us need to do what we can to contribute to peace around the world." 

To receive your copy of the book, email with your donation receipt number and mailing address and we will ship it to you for FREE in the Okanagan. 


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